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Do you play paintball? Enjoy fizzy, carbonated beverages like seltzer or beer? Are you tired of the big-box stores being out of sodastre*m exchange bottles?

Why co2ya?

  • We handle ANY type of CO2 canister from 9oz to 50lbs, including the specialty sodamakers
  • Refill/exchange done on-site at your home or place of business
  • Anytime - even overnight! Become a member for priority scheduling!
  • Save time and money, no more wasted trips at the big-box stores
  • Bill sent right to your email with online pay, no waiting & no need to stay home
  • Bulk cylinder exchange for restaurants, brewers, welders & residences with even greater savings

Early am speedball match? Leave your tanks out over night & wake up to fresh, full CO2 ready to be used! Never have to wait for the sporting goods store again! Enjoy soda or seltzer? Why pay $1 per liter when you can make your own for less than $.15 a liter AND reduce the number of bottles & cans to be recycled! Have a sod*stream or the new fridge that dispenses soda? Don't be swindled by those high exchange costs, fill out the form below & see what co2ya can do for you!

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Proudly Serving Ocean & Monmouth County, NJ



Get 50% off annual membership (Reg:$99) - Free refills on any size can up to 50lbs of CO2 . (That's about 55 of the '60L' sodastr*am exchange: 55 x $15 = $825 ugh) Priority scheduling for fillups/exchanges. Refilled overnight or appointment as requested, you don't even have to be home! Discounted price of $3 refill after 50lb limit, up to 24 oz per can.

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New customers get 50% off the first refill (Reg:$7.50) & additional refills only $3, up to 24oz per can. Appointments scheduled 48-72 hours from confirmed payment. Leave the tanks outside or in a designated area, you don't have to be home! Non-members refills completed by 6pm on service date, request immediate/overnight delivery for an additional $10. Fill out the form below & schedule your appointment today!

Restaurant/Bar, Welders, Brewers or extreme seltzer drinkers (like me!) looking to exchange 5 to 50lb cylinders? Get white glove delivery exchange service to & from your home or business. We will deliver to the cylinder's place of rest or your designated exchange area, larger cylinders require anchoring to prevent tip injuries. Our supplier works ONLY with beverage-grade CO2. Not sure if your tank can be filled? Have other gas or vapor based needs? Need consultation on a soda/seltzer or keg set up?

No problem!

Reach out today for a no-obligation discussion or just to say hi! Thanks for making it this far!

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My Story: I Love Seltzer

At the supermarket, I could expect to pay about $.50 a liter & on a really good sale about $.25 a liter. Using the s*dastream, I would get about 40-50 liters of seltzer per '60L' standard carbonator. Admittedly, I like my soda with extra bubbles or 'bite'. The rate in most big box stores charges $15 per can exchanged, this breaks down to about $.30 per liter. At this deliciously profitable price, Bunks Batch & Before was still often out of the exchange bottles & directed me to the $30 new canister purchases. Unacceptable.

With an adapter & 12oz paintball canister, I could get slightly less charges with about 30-40 liters per refill. At $4 each, this lead to even better savings totaling about $.10 a liter. I personally never experienced any bad tastes or other maladies using them but others have said different. Refilled at the big-box sporting goods store (aptly named) there were too many times that: they were out of CO2, the machine was out of order, no one 'certified' was working to refill. Watch a video...

I present to you the first ever on-location, on-demand service to refill/exchange your CO2 cans, canisters, tanks and cylinders. Our supplier works ONLY with beverage-grade CO2. Receipts sent right to your email with the ability to pay online. Put your canisters out the night before & have them filled before you wake up! Members get priority scheduling. We are able to refill or exchange MOST 9oz or greater CO2 tanks. Contact us for any weights needed 5lbs or higher. All refills must be within 5 years of canister manufacture or re-certification date or they CANNOT be refilled. Ask us how you can enjoy the most seltzer with the least cost! Contact us today!

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Proudly Serving Ocean & Monmouth County, NJ